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Image IDs and tags

Images are specified on the photohack command line by entering the “friendly” image ID, and/or by entering images tags. Image IDs and tags can be mixed freely. Image IDs and tags can be provided as arguments to the following commands: generate, options, reject, tags, title, and variant.


The following syntax is used to select images. Any invalid image IDs will be ignored.

Specify a specific image.
Specify an image variant. Image variants are named 47a, 47b, and so on.
Specify all variants of an image.
Specify a range of images. In this example, all valid IDs between 17 and 24 are specified. Note that this syntax specifies only the base image (no variants).


An image can have any number of tags. A tag must start with a letter or underscore, and can contain letters, underscores, and numbers. Multiple tags can be provided to all commands that accept tags.

Select all images that have the given tag.