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photohack options images tags options
This command displays the options set for one or more images, and sets/changes options for those images. The images that are operated on are selected by the given image IDs and tags. With no options provided, the options of selected images are displayed. If options are provided, they are added to or override the options of the selected images.


The images are selected by image IDs and tags. Any images or tags that don’t make sense are ignored silently.

There are several types of options, which are described in more detail on the photohack options page. The generate command accepts the following types of options:

  • Image pipeline (%x and @y options)
  • RAW conversion
  • Cropping
  • Image processing
  • Output size and resolution

After updating options, they are displayed as confirmation. Each type of option has a special code for “clearing” options processed so far, as as -=- for RAW conversion options. In addition, most options can be cleared individually by providing the string “clear” as a value — see the examples below.


See the options of all images:

$ photohack options

See the options of images tagged “selected”:

$ photohack options selected

Set some raw processing options of image 7:

$ photohack options 7 highlight=blend rotate=1.2

Set crop and image processing options of image 7:

$ photohack options 7 [4,2,94,88] red+4 contrast+30

Add some red to all images in a range from 12 to 18:

$ photohack options 12-18 red+5

Make all images tagged “bw” be generated as grey-scale:

$ photohack options bw { -colorspace gray }