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photohack abum import [srcdir]
photohack album init [camera]
photohack album options options
photohack admin renumber
photohack admin reproof
photohack album tags +/-tags
photohack album title title
This command queries and updates data associated with the album as a whole, rather than images.


As a general rule, without any additional arguments, this command displays the relevant information. (The exception to this rule is init.) With additional arguments provided, the relevant data is updated.

photohack import [srcdir]
Import new images into the current album. Images will be renamed/renumbered as they are imported. With no argument provided, original files moved into Camera/Raw or Camera/Images. If an argument is supplied, then the command looks for images in that directory, and copies them into the album, renumbering/renaming as it goes. For each image, a proof image with will be written to Camera/Proof.

photohack album init [camera]
Initialize the album. This creates the photohack directory structure and initializes the album data. The album title is set to the directory of the album, without the leading album ID (e.g. 0910c). Is the camera argument is provided, then cameras.txt is scanned looking for data on that camera, and if found, will use it to set the album options.
photohack album options options
Query or set album options. With no arguments, the current album options are displayed. The option types that are allowed are RAW conversion options, image adjustment options, and ImageMagick options. (Cropping, output, and resizing options are not accepted.) These options will be applied by default to each image when it is processed, unless the option is overridden by the options of each individual image.
photohack album tags +/-tags
Query or set album tags. With no arguments, display the tags on the album. With +tag or -tag, add or remove the tag from the album. Album tags are not currently used for anything but will be in future scripts that munge multiple albums.
photohack album renumber
Renumber all images, starting from 1. Note that all files will be renamed, including those in the Workspace directory, so make absolutely sure that you don’t have any files open in any image editing programs when you run this. This can be useful if you have “rejected” a lot of images and want to clean up the numbering space.
photohack album title title
Query or set the album title. With no additional arguments, display the title; with additional arguments, use those arguments as the title. As a general rule it’s good to quote titles, to reduce problems with shell escaping (see Examples). The album title will be used as the title for any output style that use a title, unless the image has its own title.


Import images from Camera/Download:

$ photohack import

Import images from my memory card:

$ photohack import /Volumes/FinePix

Display the album title:

$ photohack album title

Set a new album title:

$ photohack album title "This is the new title"

Set all images to have unclipped highlights with blend recovery:

$ photohack album options highlight=blend

Set the default color temperature of all images:

$ photohack album options wb=5500